Salford university dissertation marking

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Marking and Classifications Explained

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Department of History

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The University draws on its heritage of industrial links to offer real world learning and create highly-employable graduates.

Many things make Salford unique, but it’s our location that sets us apart. Our main campus is 2km from Manchester city centre, and our MediaCityUK campus shares a skyline with the BBC and ITV.

Everything you need for an outstanding university experience. Dissertation Marking Criteria (HST) This is a guide to the criteria used by staff in assigning a mark to a piece of work.

Broadly speaking, work is assessed on four criteria.

Programme 2018

Any written material, computer programs, or other material produced as part of the dissertation, is produced for the purpose of assessment of the student by members of this and other universities (e.g.

external examiners) and copyright is owned by the University of Salford. Marking. The University will mark your coursework, examinations and other assessed work, using marking scales.

Your tutor will record your numerical marks as percentages (ie out of ) and will then apply the relevant marking scale, depending upon whether you are studying on an undergraduate and postgraduate taught programme.

What is the university grading system? watch. Announcements. My university for instance, in order to get a first class degree overall, over half my 3rd year modules including my dissertation must have a mark of 70+ on them. If the dissertation gets 69 but you still have half. Salford University Dissertation Marking; Coursework your mark will University The as marks numerical your record will tutor Your work, assessed other and examinations Marking, scales marking using.

Salford university dissertation marking
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