My dissertation is bad

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Ten things I wish I'd known before starting my dissertation

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Apr 09,  · That strategy worked for me because my dissertation comprises a number of case studies. It relieved a lot of pressure on me to break off a chunk of ideas and think of them on their own terms.

Sometimes, I find that I have to home in on an even smaller area: a paragraph or a Rachel Herrmann.

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The title sums up all my feelings about my dissertation. Basically, my advisor is on his way out to retirement and it seems that he couldn't care less about my progress. For example, I'd send him a draft of a dissertation chapter, weeks would go by and he'd tell me he hasn't had time to read it while it is summer and I'm his only grad student.

First time I have ever posted on here but I am stressssed out of my mind. I have just handed in my dissertation. Upon looking back over it I realised that I had forgot to put page numbers on two of the footnotes and duffed one up totally.

This was out of over three hundred footnotes.

Two remarkably similar doctoral dissertations. My dissertation is bad
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