Hagley dissertation fellowship

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National Fellowship

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Potential applicants are strongly distracted to consult with Hagley rolled prior to submitting their relationship. Awards & Prizes. University of Minnesota Awards Allison Schwartz Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship.

Ketaki Jaywant CSPW Dissertation Development Fellowship. Adey Almohsen, Partnership for Affordable Content Grant, University Elizabeth Badger, Henry DuPont Exploratory Grant, Hagley Museum.

John Manke, McNally Research Travel. Anyone can apply for one of these research grants, but only advanced graduate students are eligible for our Henry Belin du Pont dissertation grant and the Jefferson Scholars/Hagley Library fellowship.

Dissertation fellowships minorities. Hagley invites serious researchers to apply for one of our grants to defray the costs of an extended stay intended to use our collections. The scholarship search tool provides you with access to awards from all across the globe.

Scholarship Applications now available!

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Dissertation Fellowships and. Grants & Fellowships. Henry Belin du Pont dissertation fellowship (four months) Jefferson Scholars/Hagley Library fellowship (nine months) Scholars of any rank with a Ph.D. may also apply for an NEH-Hagley Fellowship. Doing Research at Hagley.

Department of History

Dissertation fellows are expected to have no other obligations during the term of the fellowship, to maintain continuous residence at Hagley for its duration, and to participate in events organized by Hagley's Center for the History of.

Eligibility To be eligible for Miller C Fellowships Program for International PhD Students,-An applicant must be a Ph.D. candidate who is expecting to complete his or her dissertation by the conclusion of the Fellowship year.

Hagley dissertation fellowship
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